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So Finally Here’s the Complete Tutorial for your alternative sify client for linux which has been tested on both debian and rpm based systems…

Get the Respective deb and rpm package from Below links
And u Better know how to deal with them….Just click and it will take care of evrything….It is tested on Fedora and ubuntu

Sify has made a Web-Browser Based Dialer which is quite reliable…
All u need to do is ask the Sify guys to enable web-based login for you..And After that they will give u a URL something like
View the pic here..

METHOD 3:use Supersify or Easysify with Wine …It works fine

Method 4:(Worked on Ubuntu)
Note the Settings of tcip/ip protocol in ur windows Xp
ip address xx.xx.xx.xx
subnet mask
default gateway xx.xx.xx.xx
Primary DNS

And When u boot into UBUNTU goto System–>Administration–>Network
And enter the above details here….
ull get a message like “Changing interface configuration”
And ur done with…

PS : if u have any problems lemme know


    This Post is completely dedicated to those who havent succeded in configuring webmail for the same
    which is described here..So we use Ypops(as an alternative) as it acts as a Yahoo server,and gets messages from Yahoo.
    use the PGP public key: kranny.gpg. Save this to a file (say kranny.gpg). And then use the following command to add the key:

    root@kranny-desktop:$ sudo apt-key add kranny.gpg

    Add the following line to the bottom of your /etc/apt/sources.list file:
    deb ubuntu main

    now its time for a update
    root@kranny-desktop:$ sudo apt-get update
    root@kranny-desktop:$ sudo apt-get install ypops

    Now configure Ypops with ur yahoo account details.type in the command
    root@kranny-desktop:$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure -fgnome ypops

    now enter basic information like Max no of emails,yahoo domain,connection timeout etc
    and dont check connect to net via http proxy server and enable proxy authentication…
    Important:put the bind address as and POP3 port no as 5110…Enable SMTP and its port must be 5025 and the rest inf u can give…now its time to reflect the ports inf in thunderbird
    open thunderbird edit–>account settings–>server settings…enter the port numbers…

    Now start Ypops with $ sudo /etc/init.d/ypops start

    Voila u can access ur yahoomail from thunderbird now……

    PS 1:i’m writing blogs very frequently…3rd blog of the day….
    PS 2:i thk Part 2 will be much useful than part 1…

    How reliable it wud be to have access to email from your yahoo/gmail account locally in your Thunderbird client.Actually me thinking this upgraded my thunderbird from 1.5 to 2.0 coz webmail 1.3.1 works on thunderbird 2.0….Btw webmail is an thunderbird extension used to integrate web site based email accounts like yahoo and gmail..Actually Y!mail disabled its POP3 access to free accounts, only premium accounts can download messages from Yahoo. Webmail fixes this by acting like a Yahoo server, and getting the messages from Yahoo….U can get Webmail 1.3.1 here …save this on ur desktop and go to thunderbird–>tools–>addons–>install and browse for the xpi file saved on desktop and restart thunderbird…
    set the SMTP and POP3 ports above 1024 coz many of the linux distros doesnt allow anything below 1024…ive set 5110 for POP3 and 5025 for SMTP.(Set this here edit–>account settings)
    Now create ur account.when u open thunderbird it insists u to create an pop for incoming server and type localhost in incoming server dialogbox..preferably check the globalbox option…next enter ur username and account name and finish…so ur done with….if it prompts for password,evrything went off fine or else webmail has some problems….

    PS 1:dont worry if webmail dint worked for you….my next post will guide u thru using Ypops instead of webmail….

    PS 2:took me 45  mins to configure webmail & ypops…

    The other day when i was on some mailing list someone posed me a question.He wanted to add a line at the end of his emails telling about what song was currently playing on his XMMS. Something like “Currently listening to Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb”. This is what I did

    First create a file with the following lines
    echo Now listening to $@ > mysong.txt

    Put it in your home directory and then do a chmod a+x on it so that everyone has execute permissions on it. Next, start XMMS, goto Preferences, and in the Effect/General Plugins tab, select the Song Change plugin’s properties. Specify ~/ %s in the properties box. What happens now is that whenever a song changes, its name is put in the mysong.txt file (in your home directory).

    The next part is dependent on your email client. In most good mail clients (like Mozilla Thunderbird) you can attach a file as a signature. Use mysong.txt as your  signature file and ur done with.

    PS 1:Me listening to  Iron_Maiden-Brave_New_World

    Actually ive made the same post at blogspot but want to shift to wordpress so posting here…Many ppl out there are wondering if we can get back our linux installation after installling windows.this post is completely dedicated to it.To start of with windows uses the ntldr for activating the initial boot and linux uses grub….grub is more powerful than ntldr as we can
    include a total of 26 o.s as far as i knw…..
    our assumptions are that we had installed our grub on MBR,and u have a live cd wid u.
    now when u install Xp after installing Linux ur grub gets overwritten with the ntldr and we have to get back our grub to dual boot.

    Step 1:boot the live-cd and open the terminal

    Step 2:fire up with the command sudo grub

    step 3:If you are not sure which partition actually holds these files, use the command “find /boot/grub/stage1
    it will return something lyk (hd0,5)as in my case….

    Step 4: Now, set the GRUB’s root device to the boot directory, like this:                       issue command “root (hd0,5)”
    Note:remember there is a space btw root and (hd0,5)

    Step 5:Once you’ve set the root device correctly,its time to setup grub now with the command “setup (hd0)”

    if everything is done as said above then ur done with…….just reboot ur computer and edit ur grub conf file for any changes req…..

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