Install compiz fusion on hardy heron

Posted on: May 19, 2008

I assume  All the guys  reading the post have already installed Ubuntu 8.04 which is a great release that lived up to the attention it received…So this is a small tutorial to install compiz fusion on ur new distro

For that you have to enable your graphic card first , so you can use 3D effects…
Go to System > Administration > Hardware Drivers.The Hardware Drivers tool should shows your graphic card, check the box.A window pops up and just hit enable. Now it should start downloading and installing the driver for the video card. A restart is required.It installs the nvidia-glx-new driver(for latest cards) as in case of mine… and ur all ready for enabling desktop effects..
Now Open the Synaptic Package Manager. Go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager,Hit the search box and type

Mark them for installation and in a couple of minutes it will be installed..

Now it’s Time for customizing it to your own needs
Head to Preferences–>Advanced Desktop Effect Settings and customize the settings here..the top 5 things worth enabling are discussed here..

1.Paint fire on screen
ull find it in the effects category…enable it and ull find some fire building up on the screen with a combinational keypress
to use ,press shift+superkey+leftmouse
to clear fire,press shift+superkey+C

2.Desktop Cube
Though its pretty old,It looks Gud …
to rotate cube Manually press CTRL+ALT+DRAG LEFT MOUSE
flat desktop press CTRL+ALT+DOWN ARROW

3.Flip switcher or ring Switcher
Flips your windows in a ring like direction
to use ,press superkey+tab

4.Unfold Cube/Film Effect
to use ,press CTRL+ALT+DOWN

5.Zoom In/Out
Super + Mousewheel

Some effects will disable others. For example, the Desktop Wall will disable the Desktop Cube, Snapping Windows will disable Wobbly Windows and many more. Please let me know if I missed something, so I can add more effects to the list


10 Responses to "Install compiz fusion on hardy heron"

I installed it and did everything 😀
But i also heard there is an effect that lets the windows dance ^^
What is it called?
Where can i enable it?

All of the window animation options are located at the Animations plugin.there are almost 23 animation effects u can use like glide1,glide 2,burn,leafswitch….
i prefer
burn for close animation
MagicLamp for minimize animation
Glide2 for open animation…

Dude you rock so much, I tried various guides on the internet and couldn’t get the compiz-fusion to work right. With your guide I had no problems at all. Kudos dude!! I will definitely bookmark this page and send the url to all fellow ubuntu users who are need of help with this.

thanks for the guide… you’re my hero…

hi i tried it but why do i only have two desktops, unlike others who can make a cube because they have four desktops.. please help me… i’ll be checking in soon to see if there is a reply

Nathan, right click in the bottom right hand corner of the screen where the desktops are displayed and click preferences. here you can choose how many desktops you have

mine doesnt have the fire effect it just has blur and rain.

Wow. These effects are so cool. If only my video card didn’t look as if it was about to have a nervous breakdown. I guess I know what’s next on the checklist.

Thanks !

can you install it offline?
if so. how?

@Lewis, I can’t see any changes if I even change the desktop to 2X2.

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