Which Gentoo cd to download

Posted on: February 9, 2008

i think many of the people out there trying to give a shot at gentoo are struck at wheter which distribution to download…So before wasting your precious bandwidth hope u read this post.

there are mainly 5 ways to try installing gentoo of which i tried 3,which i will be discussing here.
Livecd installer(700 MB) comes with a graphical installer..for those who wants to connect net through dialup it will be a gud option…
Minimal-cd (57 MB) is the best option i would recommend coz if you really like installing everything from scratch this suits for your needs…you can also use the genkernel making your kernel less buggy…
Host-distro/livecd:(No D/l) This option is for those people who cant wait for long hours seeing the “make” lines scrolling over CLI.

Livecd graphical installer doesn’t start unless we do some tweaking.often the installer hangs up..
minimal cd :CLI is a bit boring and you cant carry on with other work
Host Distro/Livecd:though u can enjoy the GUI,u miss genkernel option of installing the kernel(efficient implementation)


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